Victory (White Shelf)
Plywood, plaster and white paint

Modified reconstruction of the model of Monument to Three Revolutions:
1825, 1905 and 1917 by Vasiliy Ermilov (Vasyl Ermilov) and melted cups
found in the ruins of a house destroyed by artillery strikes in the
city of Lysychansk, Donbass.

Place the cups on the model of the monument. Take and put the war on
the revolution. On the revolutionary project (model, mock-up) put the
reality of the catastrophe. It is a weight close to intolerable,
over-responsibility, transformed into pure irresponsibility, rush,
flight. Responsibility collapsing in on itself. Empty white shelf, a
glimpse of light.

Inspired by Vasyl Ermilov, Monument to Three Revolutions: 1825, 1905
and 1917, model 1924–25