Shelter II


boos, soil, bronze, wood, metal, plaster

The 'Shelter' was two-storey architectural sculpture made for the Istanbul Biennial in 2015, a year after the Donbass invasion. 'Shelter' II is again two-storey, with books in the upper part that suggest how to shield living rooms from glass of shattered windows during bombing, and dirt on the walls of the bottom half, associating the experience of living in a shelter with being buried alive.

Being reveals itself to philosophical thought as war: in the contrast between the finitude of death—most evident in war because it becomes such a large part of daily life—and the limitless incommensurability of existence.

Life during wartime is this expanded interval between life and death. Through art, some artists in a time of war find a way to remove themselves from adversarial thinking and to infinitely expand time and space, even in everyday life.

by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev